Asteria Bags : Styled

Last month I got to work with some very talented people in the lead up to the release of the Asteria bags by Carley Rose the Label.

Asteria Bags – Carley Rose Wolski, Carley Rose the Label
Videography – Matt Wetherill, Wetherill Media 
Model – Miss Teigan Clarke

The gorgeous bags featured are something really special.

“The ASTERIA bag LIGHTS UP and will have you become the centre of attention! Perhaps more importantly, they are also a more sustainable, ethical style option. Each bag is made from BRENTANO’s range of eco-fabrics faux-leathers on the outer, reclaimed textile lining, an ethically hand-beaded design on the front and incorporate brand new e-textile the LED Ribbon from 360Fashion Network, making these bags totally ONE OF A KIND.”

Best of all – you can own one! Check out the Indie Gogo campaign here.

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