Jessica and Maison : Married

This beautiful wedding on the Central Coast really captured this couple! Jessica and Maison met and started dating in high school, fast forward quite a few years and two gorgeous children and this day finally arrived! Favourite moments: the kids’ excitement as they were getting ready, bridesmaids’ reactions to Jess’s dress on, Maison tearing up as his kids followed by his bride came down the … Continue reading Jessica and Maison : Married

Jade and Jeremy : Married

Jade and Jeremy’s  casual backyard wedding was fun and full of love! They had been together since high school, and long  and strong relationships and friendships were obviously so important to them. Favourite moments: Jade’s Granddad seeing her in her dress, standing outside the family home, the handmade decorations Jade and Jeremy took months to collect and make, Jeremy’s teary smile when he saw Jade, … Continue reading Jade and Jeremy : Married

Aleisha and Matt : Married

My first full-scale wedding, and it went beautifully. Aleisha and Matt (and their son Max!) are so obviously in love, and their laid back personalities show through in this country rustic wedding! Favourites moments: Aleisha’s mum putting on her wedding gown, pure excitement as they walk back down the aisle after being married, Aleisha and Matt slow dancing on the trailer of his ute, the … Continue reading Aleisha and Matt : Married